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Brickelmaier Park and Trail

Brickelmaier Park runs north-south from Paul Spring Road to Popkins Lane, and can be accessed at either end. At just over three acres (3.10 acres), the park originally was known as West Stafford Park, but was renamed in 1978 in honor of George Brickelmaier, an original resident of Hollin Hills who worked with developer Robert Davenport. The gently sloping park has a bench about midway between the two entrances.

A stormwater management project was launched in Brickelmaier Park in 2021 to address erosion problems in the park. Construction ended in 2022, and the park has been replanted with thousands of native species, replacing the English ivy and other invasive species that had overrun the park. A new trail, designed by Hollin Hills resident Robert Fina, has also been established.

The park and trail borders 20 properties along Beechwood Road, Stafford Road, Bedford Lane, and Pickwick Lane. The park is mostly forested land that followed the natural watercourse of the Paul Spring Branch stream with a riparian corridor which buffers the stream. The park is within a designated RPA since 2003.

What is an RPA, you ask?  To learn more, visit the Fairfax County website.

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