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Voigt Park

Voigt Memorial Park is a set of three properties totaling 9.77 acres with an open rectangular, 3.41-acre park located between Fort Hunt Road and Rippon Road at the eastern edge of Hollin Hills, abutting the swim club. It’s the site of the annual 4th of July picnic and other community get-togethers, and boasts a swing set, picnic tables and other play equipment. In 2021, volunteers built a bocce court in the south end of the park, along Rippon Road. In 2024, volunteers planted a willow dome.

The main entrance to Voigt Park is at the corner of Rippon Road and Paul Spring Road, but the park can also be accessed from Rippon Road further to the south.  

The park is named after landscape architect, Lou Bernard "Barney" Voigt, who was instrumental in the overall Hollin Hills site plan and responsible for many of the individual property landscape plans. Sadly, Voigt’s work was cut short in 1953 by his untimely death at 37. The following year, the existing park — known as Rippon Park — was renamed Voigt Memorial Park, in recognition of his innovative work.

Voigt Park is located in a state and locally regulated Resource Protection Area, which is a part of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation program.  

As with all CAHH parks, invasive species control is a major effort of  ongoing and critical maintenance.  Your volunteer efforts to help curb invasives is appreciated and rewarding to see the transformation that occurs with time. 

Voigt Park has endured periodic flooding in recent years, and has benefited from frequent volunteer work parties, as well as repairs to park amenities funded by the Civic Association and Friends of Hollin Hills.

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