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Community Interest Groups

In addition to the many activities available through the Civic Association of Hollin Hills, Hollin Hills is home to a number of community-led interest groups. 

Friends of Hollin Hills (FOHH)

Established in 2017, FOHH is a charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public and protecting the Hollin Hills Historic District. They organize events and activities that celebrate the mid-century modern architecture and community design of the area.

Hollin Hills Jazz Combo

The Hollin Hills Jazz Combo had its origin about 8 years ago at the Hollin Hall Senior Center when three musicians who played there weekly with the center’s band got together to play jazz. Of those three original members two still play with the combo: pianist Mia van Zelst and bassist Jack Coulter. The third founding member was harmonica player Nick Marin. After a few weeks they recruited Bert van Zelst as a drummer. Soon it became easier to convene at the van Zelst residence for weekly rehearsal sessions and that practice continues to this day.

For several years the composition of the band stayed the same, then new members, and instruments, joined, while others left. Banjo player John Sims who stayed on for two years before having to leave due to other commitments, was soon followed by new next door Elba Road resident Sean Vann, on guitar. Then, when the Bradford family moved in across the street, the band acquired another guitarist with Alex. Last year original member Nick Marin retired from the band for health reasons.

Currently, the band consists of five members, four of whom live next door or across the street from each other on Elba Road. For years the band didn’t have a name but then, with most members living in Hollin Hills and the weekly practice sessions also being held there, the decision was reached to recognize this in the name: the Hollin Hills Jazz Combo.

When the band performed at the Elba Road block party on June 1, bass player Jack Coulter was at the last moment prevented from participating. Sean Vann made up by switching to bass guitar and so the musical entertainment was provided by the four Elba Road neighbors: Mia van Zelst on piano, Alex Bradford on guitar, Sean Vann on bass guitar and Bert van Zelst on drums. 

Hollin Hills Parents WhatsApp Group

Join this virtual WhatsApp (messaging app) Group where Hollin Hills parents connect for walks, picnics, and to share tips and recommendations. Join the group at

Hollin Hills Supper Society

The Hollin Hills Supper Society: Where Mid-Century Meets Culinary Delight!

️Imagine a secret enclave nestled among the sleek lines of mid-century modern homes. The sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow on the Eames chairs and tulip tables. The air is filled with the hum of conversation, the clinking of vintage glassware, and the aroma of gourmet delights.

Welcome to the Hollin Hills Supper Society, where architects, artists, and foodies converge. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Architectural Ambiance: Our gatherings take place in rotating Hollin Hills homes. Picture yourself sipping a martini in a living room adorned with abstract art, while the fireplace crackles and the Noguchi lamp casts intriguing shadows.

  2. Mid-Century Menus: Forget avocado toast – we’re all about retro culinary flair. Our potluck dinners feature dishes like “Atomic Meatloaf” (served with a side of geometric salad), “Eames Chair Risotto” (each grain perfectly aligned), and “Sputnik Jell-O Shots” (because every party needs a touch of space-age whimsy).

  3. Dress Code: Channel your inner Don Draper or Joan Holloway. Think tailored suits, A-line dresses, and cat-eye glasses. Bonus points for vintage aprons and pocket squares.

  4. Conversation Topics: We discuss more than just cantilevered roofs and butterfly roofs. Expect spirited debates on whether Le Corbusier would have preferred sous-vide or traditional roasting methods.

  5. Signature Cocktail: The “Hollin Highball” – a mix of gin, Chartreuse, and a dash of Bauhaus inspiration. Served in a coupe glass, naturally.

  6. Entertainment: Jazz vinyl records spin on the turntable, and occasionally, someone recites poetry by the glow of a Nelson Bubble Lamp.

  7. Secret Handshake: It involves a mid-century chair pose and a whispered “Form follows function.”

Remember, membership is by invitation only. To join, you must correctly identify at least three obscure Eichler homes and recite the entire color palette of the Pantone Mid-Century Modern Collection.

So, dust off your vintage cocktail shaker, adjust your Saarinen tie, and let’s celebrate the intersection of architecture, gastronomy, and good company. Cheers to the Hollin Hills Supper Society!

Learn more about the Supper Society and its upcoming schedule and themes.

Hollin Meadows Swim and Tennis Club

Hollin Meadows Swim and Tennis Club is an independently owned and operated private membership club located at 2500 Woodlawn Trail off of Elba Road. 

On-Line/Social Media Groups

Hollin Hills Facebook Group

Hollin Hills Forum 

The online forum of Hollin Hills fostering friendship and community.  Open to all current and former Hollin Hills residents. Join here.

Nextdoor Hollin Hills 

Nextdoor connects neighbors to each other, other nearby neighborhoods and businesses.  

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